Campsick.  Post-camp blues. The loss of Camp this summer. It’s real and it sounds, looks and acts a lot like grief.


Since Overnight camp can't happen in the traditional way our campers look forward to, we recognize that the post-camp blues campers experience after camp have the potential to return with the disappointment they can't attend camp!

Our campers have said that they find it hard to share their campsickness with their parents.  Parents - when you see it you may wonder what is happening.  You may ask yourself:  Why is my child so sad when camp was supposed to be fun?  Why are they not speaking to me?  Why are they angry?  Why are they crying?  Why don’t I understand any of these new words?  How can I help them?

Camp IS really fun, and heart and soul filling, and that is why it is so hard to leave and return to your life outside of camp. Camp is a community that campers look forward to throughout the year and it is hard to understand for campers of why we can't go to a place full of so much fun, growth, and happiness.


As your child’s YLCC Health Team, your child’s health and happiness is very important to us and does not end when they leave us.    As parents we know that when our kids are upset they cannot always express what could help them.  That is why we have asked your children to share how you can help them with their campsickness.  The list below includes suggestions that were generated by the campers and our staff team to help ease campsickness this Summer.  We recommend that if you see your child grieving for camp, pick one, try it and be patient with them.  Recovering from post-camp blues and navigating the loss of camp this summer takes time.  


Yours with warmth, health and leadership,


YLCC’s Health Team