YLCC Day Camp Programs

The voyagers Day Camp is designed to spark a love for the outdoors and provide an opportunity to build self-confidence!
YLCC day campers have a chance to experience canoeing, kayaking, and high ropes in a supportive and safe outdoor environment. They are exposed to the basic concepts of leadership through an introduction to decision-making and problem-solving activities. Young campers and their families can prepare for a future of residential camp, one step at a time!
Grades JK-6                                                                                    8:30am- 5:00pm, Monday - Friday 
Our Day Camp Programs are grouped further by age once campers are registered for camp. Each of these age groups has a different leadership focus for their week at YLCC - a major and a minor - that builds as campers age through the YLCC day camp programs!


Major: Kindness
Minor: Gratitude

Grade JK-SK

Voyageurs 1

Major: Team-building
Minor: Kindness

Grade 1-2

Voyageurs 2

Major: Awareness
Minor: Team-building

Grade 3-4


Major: Team-building
Minor: Leadership

Grade 5-8

For the 2022 season, Day Camp programs will be offered during 6 weeks:
  1. July 11 - July 15
  2. July 18 - July 22
  3. July 25 - July 29
  4. August 2 - August 5 (T-F, 4 day week)
  5. August 8 - August 12
  6. August 15 - August 19