... We anticipate

We are navigating a time that we would have never predicted for YLCC. We respect that we are not alone in navigating uncharted times right now. In anticipation to questions about having to close camp for Summer 2020 and the logistics involved in that, please check out these answers for some clarity!


We will do our absolute best to respond to ALL inquires at a time where we are working with a reduced staff team while implementing brand new systems and program development. 

As always, we are very grateful for our YLCC Family! 

Can I use my credit for other campers or transfer to a friend?

Absolutely, just let us know!

Why do I need to wait until September 7th for a refund?

YLCC is working with our lenders and insurance carrier to secure funding for refunds. We will not be issuing refunds until we are certain we can cover all refund requests. We have been preparing for 2020 camp all winter long. We have already invested a considerable amount of capital into opening camp. We love the over 1,700 camper families currently registered for this summer. We are building a system that will make this process as simple and straightforward to you. Our office team is working through the logistics of this process.

What if I am a CIT? Will I be able to apply to be on Staff next summer?

A quick note to our CITS! We know that this year was a big summer for you. We were excited to have you at camp for a full month and for you to get one step closer to your FLAG of becoming a staff member. We have some exciting news for you to help ease the disappointment of not being physically at camp. We will be running an Online CIT program over the course of the summer and then offering two camp weekends in Spring 2021 for CITs to come up to camp and learn some great camp skills to help transition from CIT to staff for Summer 2021. We are putting the logistical pieces together for this program so, if this is something you have any interest in, all you have to do is respond to this email and we will get you the information as it comes! We don’t want you to lose your year!

Will you be offering Day Camp this Summer?

At this time, we have made the decision to not run both Overnight and Day Camp programs in Summer 2020. If in the future we feel confident that we can run a safe and fun program for Day Campers, our YLCC families will be the first to know.

YLCC programs are designed for a specific grade, how will my registration be moved since my camper will not be the right age for the program?

If you decide to cancel your enrolment for Summer 2020 and use the fees for 2021 we will make sure your camper is in the appropriate program for their age group and confirm with you before Summer 2021!

If I donate will I get a charitable receipt?

YLCC appreciates your donation. YLCC is not a charity so we are unable to issue a tax receipt.