Junior Camp

Junior Camps programs teach our youngest campers about leadership through play. An on-site campout gives campers an adventure within their comfort zone and encourages them to try new things.

Grade 2-8                                                                                                                              6 nights, 7 days

Alpha Leadership Discovery Level 1

Discovery Level 1 introduces leadership ideas through the value of play! Discovery campers are provided with the perfect atmosphere to being laying the foundations of leadership. They will learn the values of teamwork, responsibility, and communication. In a safe and supportive environment, young campers will begin the process of self discovery. 

Grade 2-4

Alpha Leadership Discovery Level 2

Discovery Level 2 focuses on helping campers realize the unique skills they have to offer. Campers will gain an enthusiasm for leadership and raise their self awareness through journaling and traditional camp activities like boating, high ropes and crafts. Campers will gain the knowledge of how important it is to be confident in themselves in order to reach their goals as well. 

Grade 5-6

Alpha Junior

Through kayaking, team survivor challenges high ropes and archery, our junior campers build self-esteem, confidence, and enthusiasm for leadership! The junior program focuses on goal setting complemented by good journaling habits, responsible decision-making, and development of each campers leadership style. 

The initiative explorer program is a natural follow-up to Alpha Junior.

Grade 7-8

For the 2022 season, Junior Camp programs will be offered during 6 weeks:
  1. July 10 - July 16
  2. July 17 - July 23​
  3. July 24 - July 30
  4. July 31 - August 6
  5. August 7 - August 13
  6. August 14 - August 20