YLCC provides an empowering leadership program that allows campers to dream bigger, dare to be brave, and do more while having tons of fun! In order to attend, children must be physically and emotionally prepared to fully participate in the program.  YLCC serves children who meet the criteria for admission regardless of race, ethnicity, disability, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, or transgender status or any other protected ground under applicable human rights legislation. If you have any questions about our programs please do not hesitate contact us, we would be happy to provide more information over the phone, email, or in person! 

Voyageurs: Grade K-4

YLCC Day camp is an excellent stepping stone to a overnight camp experience. Each session is five days long . 8:30am - 5:00pm, Monday to Friday. 


New Horizons: Grade 2-6 

New Horizons is a 3 night, 4 day program for campers to get a taste of how fun it is to be an overnight camper while developing fundamental leadership skills through play! This is offered week two and six of the summer. 


Junior Camp: Grade 2-8

Junior Camps programs teach our youngest campers about leadership through play. An on-site campout gives campers an adventure within their comfort zone and encourages them to try new things.


Senior Camp: Grade 7-12

Senior camp focus is on personal leadership development through experiential learning. Given a chance, teens can create foundations for their future. These programs really give campers the ‘goods’ - solid skill sets to include on resumes and utilize in everyday situations.


Initiatives Camp: Grade 7-12

Initiatives programs are for campers looking for more! Outdoor pursuits, challenges and teamwork are emphasized and an outrip experience is specialized for their age group. Campers discover and develop their values, goals and self-confidence for the many decisions coming their way. 


 Counsellor-in-Training: Grade 11-12

Our counsellor-in-training (CIT) program gives campers the opportunity to spend time with every program resulting in a very well rounded experience. It's a great way to prepare to work at YLCC, as well as gain a wide range of very practical skills to use in the future.


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