YLCC provides an empowering leadership program that allows campers to dream bigger, dare to be brave, and do more while having tons of fun! In order to attend, children must be physically and emotionally prepared to fully participate in the program.  YLCC serves children who meet the criteria for admission regardless of race, ethnicity, disability, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, or transgender status or any other protected ground under applicable human rights legislation. If you have any questions about our programs please do not hesitate contact us, we would be happy to provide more information over the phone, email, or in person! 

Voyageurs Grade K-4

YLCC Day camp is an excellent stepping stone to a overnight camp experience. Each session is five days long . 8:30am - 5:00pm, Monday to Friday. 


New Horizons Grade 2-6 

New Horizons is a 3 night, 4 day program for campers to get a taste of how fun it is to be an overnight camper while developing fundamental leadership skills through play! This is offered week two and six of the summer. 


Junior Camp Grade 2-8

Junior Camps programs teach our youngest campers about leadership through play. An on-site campout gives campers an adventure within their comfort zone and encourages them to try new things.


Senior Camp Grade 7-12

Senior camp focus is on personal leadership development through experiential learning. Given a chance, teens can create foundations for their future. These programs really give campers the ‘goods’ - solid skill sets to include on resumes and utilize in everyday situations.


Initiatives Camp Grade 7-12

Initiatives programs are for campers looking for more! Outdoor pursuits, challenges and teamwork are emphasized and an outrip experience is specialized for their age group. Campers discover and develop their values, goals and self-confidence for the many decisions coming their way. 


 CIT Grade 11-12

Our counsellor-in-training (CIT) program gives campers the opportunity to spend time with every program resulting in a very well rounded experience. It's a great way to prepare to work at YLCC,as well as gain a wide range of very practical skills to use in the future.


A Deeper look into Programs

Day Camps

Grades JK-4, 8:30am- 5:00pm, Monday - Friday 

They voyagers Day Camp is designed to spark a love for the outdoors and provide an opportunity to build self-confidence.


YLCC day campers have a chance to experience canoeing, kayaking, and high ropes in a supportive and safe outdoor environment.they are exposed to the basic concepts of leadership through an introduction to decision-,making and problem-solving activities. Young campers and their families can prepare for a future of residential camp, one step at a time!


New Horizons

3 Nights, 4 Days  Grade 2-6

Offered Week 2 and 6

New Horizons allows campers to get a taste of overnight camp life. Campers will spend three nights and four days at camp; learning how much fun it is to be a residential camper and will be exposed to fundamental concepts of leadership through play.


Campers will experience will experience high ropes, crafts, waterfront activities, and archery in a supportive environment. This program is a great introduction into overnight camp for both campers and parents.




7 Days Grades 2-4 (minimum age: 6)

Discovery Level One introduces leadership ideas through the value of play! Discovery campers are provided with the perfect atmosphere to being laying the foundations of leadership. They will learn the values of teamwork, responsibility, and communication. In a safe and supportive environment, young campers will begin the process of self discovery. 



7 Days Grade 5-6

Discovery Level 2 focus on helping campers realize the unique skills they have to offer. Campers will gain an enthusiasm for leadership and raise their self awareness through journaling and traditional camp activities like boating, high ropes and crafts. Campers will gain the knowledge of how important it is to be confident in themselves in order to reach their goals as well. 



7 days Grades 7-8 

Through kayaking, team survivor challenges high ropes and archery, our junior campers build self-esteem, confidence, and enthusiasm for leadership! The junior program focuses on goal setting complemented by good journaling habits, responsible decision-making, and development of each campers leadership style. 

The initiative explorer program is a natural follow-up to Alpha Junior.



14 Days Grade 7-8

The Alpha Adventurer program allows campers to continue to build on their outdoor skills and enthusiasm for leadership. Campers will experience high ropes, canoeing, kayaking, hiking,nature identification, and high energy activities enriched with lessons of teamwork, communication, gratitude, and risk taking! Adventurers is full of adventure and campers should be always ready for an adventure each day. This is a great program for campers who have an enthusiasm for outdoors and leadership and want to grow that passion.



7Days Grades 9-10

Be your best self! YLCC is a place where there are no outside influences. Its an environment where teenagers can relax and be themselves. The intermediate program will have campers experiencing self-discovery, mentoring and seeing first hand the importance of leading by example. Team challenges, watersports, high ropes courses, and personal leadership coaching will help campers develop a better understanding of how to take leadership and apply it to their everyday life.



14 Days Grades 11-12 

YLCC gives seniors the personal development opportunities they need to create the life they choose to live:, trust building, event planning, group dynamics, , personal goal setting, and facing fears! Through a combination of workshops, time-management techniques, dedicated reflection, problem solving, life-mapping and serious goal setting, these campers will set their compass on their next five years.This program is perfect for the teen who wants to get  Jump-start on success. 


Leadership Training (LIT)

14 Days Grade 10  

Included in this two-week program are 40 hours of hands-on volunteer job experience within our facility.

The lit program has two goals: having fun and filling the “Life Toolbox”

Each LIT group will be given a series of job-training workshops which teach interview, time-management and resume-building skills. Campers will gain valuable work experience, a letter of reference, 40 hours of community service and the tools needed to gain part-time employment or enter the volunteer workforce! LIT campers will participate in all of our traditional camp activities including rock clinging, high ropes, canoeing, and many electives!



14 Days Grades 7-8 

This program complements the Alpha Junior and Adventurer program.


The explorer program is designed to train young people to work as a team. This program is full of teachable moments when combining adventure, outdoor pursuits and team challenges. Campers will explore the definition of initiative while on their overnight camping trip. They will challenge themselves on high ropes, orienteering, cooking ver a fire all the while searching to find what drives them!



14 Days Grades 9-10 

This program is a stepping stone for the Outtripper program. 


Through one of the most powerful programs YLCC has to offer, Navigators will discover themselves and their incredible potential. Campers will spend two weeks in the outdoors and on a three-day outtrip tracking their successes and challenges in their personal journals. Their focus is on creating their own personal success statement and gaining a clear vision of what it is they want to accomplish, and who they want to become. 



14 Days Grades 10-12

*Prerequisite: Navigator program 

This program is perfect for returning campers yearning for more! Combine the love of hands-on learning with a challenging outtrip in the Muskokas and you have our Outtripping program. This two-week program will put leadership skills to the test while promoting complete self-sufficiency on a five-day wilderness outtrip. Campers will start at the craft barn making their own paddles to use on their trip. This exciting program is perfect for honing environment and working together for success. 


Counsellor In Training

28 Days   Prerequisite: Must Be Entering Grade 11/12 In The Fall

The CIT program is the highest and most in-depth leadership training course we offer. The program focuses on developing skills in the areas of time-management, goal setting, teamwork, presentation skills and being your best self. We prepare the campers for camp counseling, program planning, leadership training, as well as offer them full participation in classic camp activities. 


This program is highly recognized for its ability to prepare young adults for life after high school. This 28-day session gives campers a powerful glimpse into what it takes to be part of the YLCC team and how incredible their future can be